Stress and Panic Attacks Are Linked to Vitamin Deficiency

March 17, 2019

We have always believed panic attacks are related to surroundings or situations, however, not something inside us. To elucidate, it is always a result of events that occur around us that make us panicky. Now, however, there have been reports that you can also have panic attacks based on their vitamin deficiency.

And that might actually be plausible, because of the deficiency of particular hormones, which results in fear disorder. The vitamin deficiency may possibly enhance the panic attacks. Now, we’re not saying this is actually the sole reason. However, this is one of many reasons that provide someone a fear attack.

While psychiatrists and counselors would consistently prescribe antidepressants as well as other hard drugs to individuals afflicted by a chronic panic disorder, so that is not an option. For how long can a person being live on compounds, in case they don’t understand where they’re doing it wrong? As it stands, you’ll find more substitutes to fill the shortage, rather than simply taking the prescribed medicines. And that might take care of the issue.

Vitamin B6

There have been several studies conducted that all point towards the exact same thing. Vitamin B6 is just a significant mood regulator, also a very important to balance the human serotonin levels within the body. The dopamine on the other hand, is what keeps us content and happy throughout the afternoon. Without contributing to our troubles of everyday life and depressing us.

Moreover, the lack of b 6 would lead to a depletion of dopamine levels in the human body that could lead to anxiety attacks and anxiety attacks. There is a study conductеd to confirm the vitamin deficiency and levels in all areas. It was seen that patients who had hyperventilation or anxiety attacks had also a lower degrees of b 6, rater than patients who were completely okay. Vitamin B6 also contributes to anxieties and other emotional ailments.


Lack of iron in the body has an almost similar effect like Vitamin b 6. People lacking iron suffer from anemia, but it will not end here. The deficiency of iron additionally leads to a lack of dopamine synthesis which prevents our moods from being more balanced. In addition, it leads to psychotic attacks, sudden bursts of anger and bouts of melancholy.

It has also been discoverеd that iron deficiency may severely impact the development of a young child as it pertains to ADHD, OCD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and heavy mood polarizations. Iron inside the brain is essential for maintaining the homeostasis of the whole human body. In addition to affecting the hormonal balance that is essential to development. If that is interruptеd, then your numbers would keep increasing and more individuals will suffer from psychological problems whilst being forced to rely on medication to get relief.

It’s essential that men and women are made aware of what goes inside your body so thеy havе the ability to combat it efficiently. For, medicines weaken the immune system of an entire body while trying to heal it. So the ideal solution to take care of this situation isn’t to allow it to move outside one’s control, however only know what’s what. The next step is to speak with a physician or psychiatrist because which will definitely help. Popping pills won’t!


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